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Creation is the expression of the heart

With any practice requiring the heart’s honest expression, there is always a fine line between pure creativity – when this feeling flows freely or being stuck when it doesn’t. 
When an artist expresses his feeling and his heart onto the canvas, people feel it and connect with it. 
If it grows, then everything increases and he becomes well known, so he paints more and more paintings. Society’s recognition and rewards follow: but so too the desire to maintain this success. So he continues to paint but something has changed. Something has become stuck… now his mind begins to question, become troubled....

Seiki Shiatsu Seminar

Thanksgiving weekend was the occasion of a special shiatsu event: the first official Seiki Shiatsu seminar, featuring Tzvika Calisar. Tzvika is an Israeli who has been living and studying shiatsu in Japan since the mid-80 . He studied at the Namikoshi School, Zen Shiatsu school of Masunaga in Tokyo and Tao Shiatsu in Kyoto. After more then 25 years he developed the method of Seiki Shiatsu.

The meaning of the name Seiki Shiatsu

There are few ways of writing the word "Seiki" in Japanese kanji. (Chinese symbol)
Each different way of writing kanji contains another meaning and energy. (Ki)
There is a common way of writing Seiki in Japanese and it's with the symbols of fitting
Ki – 正気(Tadashi).
The meaning of This Seiki is the opposite of Jaki which means unfitting energy – unfitting Ki.
This way of writing is good when you are in the two dimensions state as; good – evil, fitting – unfitting, Yin – Yang, Seiki – Jaki, Ego – Egoless and so on.
The way of writing the word Seiki in Seiki shiatsu is with different kanji, meaning and energy.
The kanji Seiki – 生気 mean life energy.

Seiki Meridian Shiatsu

The day’s work has come to an end. I watch the twilight from the window of my clinic. One more of the many coloured twilights reflected in the Andes Mountains, slowly fading, vanishing. Light and Shadow. the Miracle of Nature. I think of the many twilights I have observed for years from this same spot, some accompanied with rain beating my window, others with clouds casting a shadow on the room, others with wild clouds moving in the sky. 

Deep Healing through Seiki Shiatsu

My first treatment In Seiki Shiatsu left quite an impression on me. During the treatment I felt my belly vibrating, near the Solar Plexus, where I had always felt my anxiety during a period of clinical depression that was accompanied with panic attacks. But the vibrating and uncontrolled shaking did not worry me, it even made me laugh. I knew, it was a sign of a physical release of blocked energy, like I had experienced it before, in a course of core-energetic (a form of bio-energetic). Except this time it all happened in a much less spectacular way. When the time was over, I realized that I had actually spent more than half an hour concentrating on my body and what it needed and what reactions it showed while being touched.

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