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  • Does Shiatsu treatment release and helps to reach relaxation?
    There are Shiatsu treatments that are designed for relaxation and calm. Seiki Shiatsu indeed relaxes, but more important – treats and heals physical, mental and emotional symptoms.
  • Is Seiki Shiatsu a preventative or medical treatment?
    Seiki Shiatsu is both, a medical and preventative treatment. It aims to strengthen and increase the internal healing power of the patient.
  • What is the uniqueness in Seiki Shiatsu method?
    Seiki Shiatsu developed the meridian medicine in a unique way, with emphasis on the life energy as an internal healing power that exists in every person. The therapist is not “fixing” the patients condition, but stimulates and increases the life force, the internal healing power that exists inside the patient and this process create the improvement of the patient’s condition.
  • What is the “surrounding/Comprehensive meridian flowing system”?
    The “surrounding/Comprehensive meridian flowing system” brings a new concept showing clearly the Meridians’ flow paths. This approach allows a more effective treatment, more accurate and deeper than before.
  • Is it possible to treat children and babies?
    Absolutely – in Seiki Shiatsu there is a special treatment for babies and children.
  • Is Seiki Shiatsu also effective with mental and emotional problems?
    Yes. Seiki Shiatsu therapy helps to achieve Mental and emotional balance and spiritual healing in both physical and mental problems.
  • What is Tsubo?
    Tsubo is the entrance gate to the meridian. The Tsubo expresses the essence of the life of a patient and its location changes frequently.
  • What is the Menken reaction?
    In some rare cases, after the first treatment, Mencken’s reaction appears as part of the healing process, and it disappears within a few days. Examples of Mencken’s reaction: a slight tingling in the limbs, a rise in body temperature, diarrhea, fatigue or symptoms like flu. The symptoms will disappear within a short time and the patient condition will improve.
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