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Deep Healing through Seiki Shiatsu

Written by: Rita (Germany)

My first treatment In Seiki Shiatsu left quite an impression on me. During the treatment I felt my belly vibrating, near the Solar Plexus, where I had always felt my anxiety during a period of clinical depression that was accompanied with panic attacks. But the vibrating and uncontrolled shaking did not worry me, it even made me laugh. I knew, it was a sign of a physical release of blocked energy, like I had experienced it before, in a course of core-energetic (a form of bio-energetic). Except this time it all happened in a much less spectacular way. When the time was over, I realized that I had actually spent more than half an hour concentrating on my body and what it needed and what reactions it showed while being touched.

During the night after the first day of the seminar I felt sick and had to vomit. But again I was not worried like usually, when I was not well. This time I felt relieved, not interested in what was going on, like before. I was just happy, that something unwholesome had left me. The second day of the seminar I relaxed at home, sleeping. My teacher sends me the message that I didn't have to pay for that day.

At the second weekend -seminar in Seiki Shiatsu we were practicing to find and treat Tsubo. When my student partner was working on my neck, she found a Tsubo that was very deep. We asked the teacher for help and he showed us how to treat this Tsubo. He explained to us, that the Tsubo has been very deep inside my body.

In the morning of the next day I woke up early, because my neck hurt so bad, when trying to turn my head I cried out loud. I could not move my head to the left and didn`t know, how to get out of bed. My husband told me to move it millimeter by millimeter and helped me out of bed inch by inch. This time I felt like returning to the seminar nevertheless, hoping, my teacher could help me.

I walked into the seminar-room, stiff as a board and of course, the first thing he did that morning was helping me. First off all he checked, to see, whether my pain was caused by a reaction on the treatment or by a possible damage. Since my pain was on the surface it was all about a reaction.

Then he worked on my neck and shoulders. When he put his hand on the left side of my neck, it suddenly felt like he touched the scar of a wound, that I hadn`t even been aware of. And that simple supporting hand caused a deep longing for healing and consolation. When he pressed my Lung-Meridian-point on the abdomen, I couldn't help crying. Emotionally I could feel the pain of a big injury on the left side of my face and neck. Suddenly, while crying, I saw the picture of an accident that had happened in the past.

For many years of my life until that day, I suffered from burning pains in my left cheek, on and off. After no doctor could help me, I asked a so called Medium, what it was all about and what I could do about it.

The lady told me, she saw a picture of me getting hurt by a weapon, she didn't even know it`s name. What she described was a ball and mace", used in biblical times. She also saw two men, one of them swinging that weapon towards the other one in blind rage. She also said that I ended up getting hit unintentionally by trying to interfere in the whole situation.

I believe in reincarnation, although I don't think it is necessary, to find out details about past life. But I think I was told about this accident, because interference is still a big stumbling block in my present life.

It is part of a pattern of behavior, learned in childhood and has caused many problems in my relationships later on. I knew about this mentally, but could not let go of it, no matter how much I tried. Although various remedies and therapies had been very helpful before, the healing that happened in Seiki Shiatsu was the most effective.

Not only because it took place at many levels, body, mind and soul, but also because it had tremendous effects afterwards.

The idea of interfering in other peoples business and in trying to help others without protecting myself (I am working in the helping trade) has permanently weakened me, caused upsets in other people, as well as in myself. It had kept me in blind illusions about life and myself, and has burdened my relationships to my closest relatives, friends and work colleagues.

Now all that is changing. In my job now I'm working with the children with out being dominating, manipulating, regulating and correcting anymore. I often realize, that my help and advice for others was in the past often given to them in order to feel better myself. I can see, that I had often forgotten to watch carefully and ask what was needed or wanted thus infringed the personal borders of others as well as my own. These days I try to differentiate between the internal Seiki to help and freely giving help when it is needed. It is sometimes hard work for me to be patient and trustful, respecting other people and their needs and problems and accepting life as it is.

Two years after the treatment it still shows its effects. Meanwhile I had another treatment by my teacher and another deep wound has been touched and another healing process has been started. Our bodies don`t forget anything and our souls are longing for healing, deep and effective healing.

I am a Christian and Jesus was the greatest healer that I know. He touched not only the body, but the heart and soul of people.

Nevertheless I believe and experienced Seiki Shiatsu treatment. Studying Seiki Shiatsu and it is a great chance to apply the teachings in practical life and helping heal other people in a very deeply and effectively way.

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