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Seiki Shiatsu Treatment

Seiki Meridian Shiatsu is a hand healing method that works with the internal Seiki of the body, allowing it to naturally deepen and expand.

This positively charged life force is the foundation of the human energy field and all body functions and life processes.


It flows through the body in channels called meridians. These can be sensed and worked with therapeutically through the patterns of pressure points called tsubo. The Shiatsu Seiki therapist connects to the feeling of their internal Seiki while simultaneously connecting with it in the patient.

Eliminating any form of judgment and observing the patient with complete acceptance lets the internal Seiki respond and guide the depth and duration of physical pressure. This is applied using the thumbs and fingers, the hands, forearms and knees depending on the area of the body being treated.

The charging of the meridians with seiki stimulates the body’s internal healing power. This initiates the process of deep mind and body healing. With improved circulation in the meridians, Jaki – the negative energy that has accumulated in the body – dissolves and releases pain, stiffness, tension and stress, along with their associated symptoms.

Seiki Shiatsu helps boost the quality of life energy to achieve a greater dynamic balance between own physical and mental aspects and so promote increased health and happiness. This offers great medical benefits and is fully aligned with modern healthcare needs.

The nature and intensity of modern lifestyles frequently result in compromised nutrition, constant time pressure and work related stress. They, combined with the changes in the natural environment, are all contributors to the observed rise in the incidence in chronic health problems such as neck and back pain, allergies, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and serious acute conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

The patient receives real benefits in the deep level of acceptance and embracing of their life by the therapist. Consequently, the healing process becomes easier for them to accept and engage with and more effective in resolving health issues.

Seiki Shiatsu treatment can be helpful in treating a wide range of conditions. These include:

• back, neck and shoulder pain
• sciatica
• sports injuries
• allergies and asthma
• arthritis
• depression and emotional trauma
• stress, anxiety and fatigue
• post traumatic stress
• constipation and digestive problems
• headaches and migraine
• insomnia

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