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The meaning of the name Seiki Shiatsu

There are few ways of writing the word "Seiki" in Japanese kanji. (Chinese symbol)
Each different way of writing kanji contains another meaning and energy. (Ki)
There is a common way of writing Seiki in Japanese and it's with the symbols of fitting Ki – 正気(Tadashi).
The meaning of This Seiki is the opposite of Jaki which means unfitting energy – unfitting Ki.
This way of writing is good when you are in the two dimensions state as; good – evil, fitting – unfitting, Yin – Yang, Seiki – Jaki, Ego – Egoless and so on.
The way of writing the word Seiki in Seiki shiatsu is with different kanji, meaning and energy.

The kanji Seiki – 生気 mean life energy.
This way of writing Seiki means the primal energy, the infinity and pure light that was before the creation of the universe, before the creation of the complementary opposites forces as Yin & Yang.
This primal energy, infinity light known's as "Tahiro". The name "Tahiro" mentioned in many different old cultures and traditions in different words.
Each human being has the spark of this "Tahiro" and we call it in Seiki shiatsu, "The Internal Seiki".

At the moment that we realize and connect to our "Internal Seiki", we are overcoming the opposite forces and the conflict inside ourselves and with the outside world as well.
Actually by connecting to our "Internal Seiki" we have the possibility to contain all the opposite forces and not to fight against them any more. Just to observe and accept their existence. By observing and accepting those forces, the process of the real spiritual growth and the shifting of the effectiveness of the treatment have being started.
When we are connecting to the Internal Seiki we are free from judging and criticizing ourselves and others. This is the state of heart that we are wishing and should have as Seiki shiatsu practitioners.

This state of heart leads us to connect from our "Internal Seiki" to express it with the action of shiatsu and to unify with the patient's "Internal seiki", awakening her/his "Internal Seiki", awakening the inner healing force that everybody have.
This is the real purpose of Seiki Shiatsu and it is synchronized with the meaning, energy and the way of writing Seiki Shiatsu.

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